Dear Audience,

How nice it is to welcome you to Málaga Clásica’s eighth edition. During eight years we have had the privilege of offering you this festival and the fortune of encountering what makes it purposeful and possible: your support and love for music. ‘Throughout time’ was the very first edition’s under-title, now appropriate as well, since it is throughout time that this festival is becoming what us founders and organisers desire: a place for music. A time for music.

It is about time, or more so about ‘the times’ that the present edition of Málaga Clásica refers to. Because the times are ‘now’. ‘Now’ is when music happens, and it can only happen then. We are ‘now’ surrounded by materialised ideas, works of art which we call classics, due to their greatness. Classics that honor their nomenclature because regardless of the moment of creation, they remain and live as time itself. These classics surround us and are part of us, they remain and evolve, because time passes and the context changes, giving us alternative perspectives of works themselves and grounds for new creative ideas. The distinctive quality of these times from an aesthetic perspective is the availability of art, from as far back as we can humanely imagine until now. On the one hand, we have direct access to architecture and other works –thanks to our acestors and the recovery and maintenance of their creations– as well as new works of art. On the other we have museums, theaters and music halls, which give access in our cities to works from diverse periods and other parts of the world. The other distinctive quality of this century is interconectivity. We can capture, acces and share all of the above in audiovisual files and create accessible content for millions of people in an instant.

The same way one can see a neogothic church, a traditional café, a contemporary building and attend a theater premiere in the span of a day, in Málaga Clásica we will be able to listen to works from different place and periods, from composers such as Bártok, Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Ravel, Gershwin, Handel and Piazzolla, and world premieres of works by composers who are inspired by this variety and add different and innovative perspectives to the current repertoire.

There will be five concerts and five premieres, of the composers Fernando Arroyo, Javier López de Guereña, the winners of the composition competition and Jesús Reina, with whom Málaga Clásica aims –exploting the aesthetic diversity which we all have access to– to reflect through the musical world, the current world.


Jesús Reina & Anna Margrethe Nilsen

John Rockwell


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