Málaga Clásica



Málaga Clásica

10th International Chamber Music Festival

Málaga Clásica

This year we go all out to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Málaga Clásica Festival.

In 'Crescendo', we will symbolically show the festival's growth during these last ten years. We represent each of the ten years by the number of artists that form the chamber ensembles.

Each musical performance tells the story of Málaga Clásica through much-loved works and through new sounds that will captivate them. To the public's delight, the opening gala will feature works by Beethoven and Dvorak. Then, each concert will 'crescendo' in terms of formations, from one instrument to ten.

The festival includes composers such as Bach, Cassadó, Borodin, and Schuman. Finally, the decet by Dubois will bring the thematic concerts to a close. Referential artists from diverse countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Norway, Canada, Bulgaria, Romania, and Spain will join each other for extraordinary performances.

Málaga Clásica

As a coda and with a view to the future, Teatro Cervantes will host the Closing Gala. This concert, which follows the thematic material into chamber music on a large scale, manifests Málaga Clásica's wish for these ten years to be the first incredible years of many.

It will take us from 'crescendo' to 'fortísimo súbito', from ten musicians to one, and by one of the most outstanding symphony orchestras in Spain, the Franz Schubert Filharmonia.

With all the love and music from our hearts,

Jesús Reina & Anna Nilsen
Co-Directors of the Málaga Clásica Festival
John Rockwell
Honorary Director of the Málaga Clásica Festival
Jesús Reina
Anna Nilsen