Festival 2013 - "Throughout time"



Anna Margrethe Nilsen

Jesús Reina                   


Matthew Lipman

Jesus Rodolfo Rodriguez


Anna Petrova

Christopher Schmitt         
Josu de Solaun

Nils Georg Nilsen


Hiro Matsuo




The objective of Málaga Clásica consists in watering a tradition that has been sown in Spain by great composers and performers as were Manuel de Falla, Enrique Granados, Pau Casals, Isaac Albéniz, Manuel Quiroga, Pablo Sarasate, Jesús de Monasterio or the Garcia-Asensio family. In this first edition “Through Time” the festival took the audience on a journey from the beginnings of chamber music in the baroque period, through its evolution until the 20th Century, with a glimpse of where it compositionally stands today.

Each central program covered the beginning, core and transition of a musical period. This was achieved by including a m usical work that provoked a certain artistic movement, a piece that represents the movement and a com position that influenced the following style, serving as a bridge. To this we also added a revolutionary composer of the following style that is highly inspired by his musical ancestry. We were able to count on international artists of the highest musical level, that serves as the “carriers” of the chamber music tradition for the next generations around the world and in this case, in Málaga and Spain.

We live in a society in which listening, respecting and sharing are the bases for its functionality. Chamber music is the artistic representation of the pillars of such a society. Its function is to instill the values that unite us and make us human. For the musician, as much as for the non-musician, chamber music shows a group of people that come together and make a joint decision for a certain good. In this festival, this will be portrayed with the highest level of artistic execution. The audience will be presented with music and performances that will make them grow in artistic and musical knowledge. The artistic values hereby transmitted will be the present and future of cultural creation.​


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