Málaga Clásica: TALENTS

Teatro Echegaray

As a chamber music festival, and following one of the main philosophies of the genre, we understand the Málaga Clásica ought to be an event closely tied to the audience and to the city in which it is celebrated, with a reciprocal relationship in which all parts feel involved in the enjoyment of music. This is why in this VIII edition we want young talents to be able to participate in this festival, giving them the opportunity to perform in some of the most iconic places in Málaga and to share experiences with musicians of international prestige who are invited to the festival. These young talents, who will be chosen through an audition process by our artistic directors, will be in charge of performing in the concerts of this series.


September 21 - 20.00        Teatro Echegaray 
September 22 - 20.00        Teatro Echegaray

The duration of each concert is approx. 1 hour. 

Tickets on invitation on a first come first serve basis. All events are free.

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