Málaga Clásica

International Chamber Music Festival

11th Anniversary

Revoluciones Festival


29/05__04/06  2023

Organised by and with the collaboration of

Festival details

Find information for this year's Revolution festival, including how we plan to celebrate the 11th-anniversary of the Málaga Clásica Festival, the concert program, artist information and talents.


Festival Málaga Clásica


Festival Málaga Clásica


Festival Málaga Clásica


Festival Málaga Clásica

11th International Chamber Music Festival

This year we go all out to celebrate the eleventh anniversary of the Málaga Clásica Festival.

Sensational, outstanding, extraordinary.

Aforo Libre

The Málaga Clásica Festival delves into the musical 'explosion' of romanticism.

La Opinion de Málaga

There is no chamber music festival like it in Spain so far.


Revoluciones 2023 - PDF

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